Formulation Development

Our highly skilled formulation development team has the capability to manage a pharmaceutical project from the preclinical stage to full scale commercial manufacturing.

We develop everything from simple formulations for early studies to more complex formulations suited for commercialisation. At each stage of the development process we are committed to achieving the right quality as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our expertise in scale-up and industrialisation ensures that the final product will be suitable for large scale manufacture and commercialisation.

Our formulation development services include:

  • Sourcing of excipients and API
  • Preformulation studies
  • Drug substance and excipient compatibility studies
  • Early screening for structural and chemical stability
  • Development of formulations for application of marketing authorisation
  • Packaging development
  • Technology transfer and process validation

In conjunction with the above, we can develop a number of different dosage forms including:

Capsules, coated capsules, capsules filled with coated or un-coated particles

Tablet formulation including immediate-release tablets, mini-tablets, coated tablets, effervescent tablets, enteric-coated tablets, controlled release tablets, misuse and abuse deterrent technology.